Cottage Creatures

By Lucie Longford



Cottage Creatures

Each Cottage Creature is bespoke and hand made with care.


Their eyes are safety eyes and noses are hand stitched.


Some clothing may contain buttons and other small items, for this reason these collectable items are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Please feel free to browse through each character. If you would like to commission your own ideas and design please contact through email or call Lucie on 07900640302.


You can pay though paypal or contact Lucie for an online transfer.




Cottage Creatures who have gone to a new home

April £50


April is made from soft fawn fur with pink velour ears and soles, and soft white fur cheeks. Her dress is printed cotton with a blue flower button and her apron is white cotton with a blue silk flower. April comes with a pale blue bucket. 22cm high


April lives on Lavender Lane alone. She is very happy in her own company and spends most of her days picking berries from the bushes. She carries her blue bucket everywhere to fill it with tasty treats!

Melody £50


Melody is made from soft brown fur with pink velour ears, soles and tail. Her dress and sun hat are made from printed cotton with a yellow lace trim. 17cm high


Melody loves to sit in the sun and read her books. She is married to Arthur and they both live happily on Lavender Lane.



Arthur £50


Arthur is made from soft brown fur with pink velour ears, soles and tail. His scarf is made from red wool and wears moss green wool mix dungerees. 18cm high


Arthur loves to play in the snow, unlike his wife Melody - he loves the cold! His favourite food is cheesecake!

Sebastian £50

Sebastian is made from soft brown fur with brown velour ears, soles and cheeks. His clothes are made from gingham and blue corduroy and can be removed. 21cm high


Sebastian lives in the quietest part of Lavender Lane. He likes keeping himself to hiumself and loves to pick fruit from his garden. His favourite food to eat is red grapes and he was once was caught pinching them from next doors garden. Naughty Sebastian!

Binky £50


Binky is made from soft fawn fur with pink velour ears and soles. Her cheeks are made with a soft white fur. Her summer dress is made from printed cotton with a white rick-rac trim and white buttons.

21cm high


Binky lives with Bunty on Lavender Lane. She loves going to all the partys Bunty organizes and ends up eating most of the cake!

Alfie £50


Alfie is made from short white curly fur, and short black fur. His dungarees and cap are made from moss green wool cotton mix fabric. His neck tie is made from cotton gingham. 18cm high


Alfie lives with Little Bow in Lavender Lane. He has a big garden with an apple orchid which he grows and sells in the market. Alfie loves to make cider from his apples and sometimes drinks too much!

Tom £50


Tom is made with gorgeous ginger fur, with soft brown velour ears and soles. His outfit is made from a moss green cotton and wool mix material. This can be removed. 24cm high


Tom is Rexs older brother. He is far more sensible and loves to work the land with theodore.


Toms faverote food is carrot cake.

Millie £50


Millie is made from a soft brown fur with white cheeks and tummy. Her ears and soles are made from a soft velour.Her dress and petticoat are made with cotton and can be removed. Millie also has a small flower by her ear. 25cm high


Millie lives with her older sister Harriet on Lavender Lane. She takes very good care of herself and likes to be treated like a princess. Millie loves to eat rasberrys.

Theodore £50


Theodore is made from soft brown fur with light brown velour soles and ears. His dunagrees are made from blue courdaroy and can be removed. 17cm high


Theodore came all the way from America and lives in his cottage on Lavender Lane. Theodore is a farmer and spends most of his day on the land. Theodore loves to eat anything sweet!

Monty £50


Monty is made from soft brown fur with dusky pink velour ears, tail and soles. His coat is made from blue felt with a lace ruff. This outfit can be removed. 18cm high



Monty is the father of Junior. They came to Lavender Lane a few months ago, they arrived by ship which had traveled all around the world. Monty is very well traveled and likes his culinary dishes. His favourite food to eat is Brie.

Junior £50


Junior is made from soft brown fur with dusky pink ears, tail and soles. His jacket is made from red felt with white rickrack and buttons. 18cm high.


Junior lives with his father Monty in Lavender Lane. He is a very excited little mouse and likes to tell all the others about his great adventures onboard the ship. He loves to eat french bread.

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