Cottage Creatures

By Lucie Longford





We specialize in bespoke items too. If you have a design or image that you would like us to make, please contact us for a quote.


Please note we do not recreate copyright images i.e., Disney, Pixar etc.



Go get the pig!

We were asked to make a replica of the toy pig from the film RED. This is our version of him. He is made from plush pink and cream fabric, and has a zip up the centre front from his lower belly to his neck.

Your Pets


If you have a pet you would like us to make, please just send us a picture!



Henry was a custom made bear, made for a childs birthday. The brief was to make a soft, fluffy bear with movable arms and legs. He has soft brown velour soles, paws and inner ears.

Concept Toys


Mrs Grumble was made from a brief description, as a concept for a children's short story. She had to look old, be a small woodland animal, with old fashioned clothes, a mop cap and be able to stand and sit.